This blog originally started as an outlet for my obsession with beauty. Life got in the way and blogging fell to the wayside as I settled into the routine that change presented itself with.

Going vegan is something I have toyed with for a long time. As a vegetarian for over 10 years with very little diary consumption, it seemed a natural step. After all, I love animals to much to eat them- it made no sense to me to continue to wear them.

Veganism just makes sense to me. I do not want to be involved with any corporation who puts profit ahead of animal suffering especially when there are alternatives out there- be that in clothing, cosmetics, food, household and other products that I choose to purchase.

My hardest struggle with the shift to veganism is in the realm of beauty products and cosmetics.

In the past, I have always attempted to purchase cosmetics that are not tested on animals but if you have ever been in a similar position, you know how hard and confusing it can be to navigate through the juggernaut of information that is available out there. Not to mention balancing it up with often conflicting pieces of information, opinions, laws, knowledge and advice.

Not only do I have all the research to wade through and digest, I have my own personal preferences and opinions. For me, beauty has always been a guilty pleasure of mine; an indulgence, a little luxury. My loyalty to some of the prestige beauty labels in the market with their glossy campaigns, flawless packaging, silky products and scientific breakthroughs is coupled with the fact that my career leads me to dealing directly with all aspects of the beauty industry- from PR, editorial, advertising, events and all the perks that comes with it (yes, I am talking free goodies!)

Saying goodbye is hard. But being true to myself and comfortable knowing that what I am nourishing my skin with and putting on my body has not harmed a single animal makes it worth it.

I don’t believe that saying goodbye to the huge cosmetic conglomerates is saying goodbye to the idea that beauty is luxury. Every day I am astounded by new discoveries of high quality, prestige brands that are vegan and cruelty free.

This is NOT just another beauty blog.

This blog is a way for me to document my journey in discovering the holy grail of vegan beauty products and also sharing some beautiful imagery and words. This blog is a chance for me to write about a passion that I have discovered within myself.

Enjoy xxx

www.LeapingbunnyPledge.org Take the Leap to Cruelty-Free Products

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  1. I want to subscribe but I can’t find an RSS button 😦

  2. Hello,

    I trust this message finds you well.

    I’ve just had the fortune of being awarded the Liebster Award for beauty blogs and as part of the protocol I’ve nominated/awarded 10 other blogs as well.

    The Liebster Award is a process where a blogger is ‘tagged’ by a blogger who has received the award and then if they accept it writes a post. In that post they let readers get to know them a bit better with:
    1) a number of personal facts (I’ve chosen 10 but it’s not arbitrary),
    2) answer the questions posted to them in the nominators post,
    3) propose a list of questions themselves to their own awardees
    4) finally list the awardees who the award will be passed to.

    As yours is a blog I enjoy and admire I’ve ‘tagged’ you as one of my awardees. I hope you don’t mind and whether you join in the game or not is your choice. I’ve displayed your banner (and the banners of the other awardees) on my award post in order to promote your blog and give readers a visual concept before clicking. If for any reason that is unacceptable to you please let me know and I will remove it.

    Full details can be found in my post here: http://fashionthatpays.wordpress.com/2013/07/23/liebster-beauty-blog-award/

    Thank you for putting together such a great blog that interests and inspires.


    (dapperdolly of fashionthatpays.wordpress.com)

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