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Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics is a gorgeous, cruelty free and line of high-end, luxurious mineral based make up. Their formulas use only the highest quality of premium ingredients and offer a number of vegan suitable products.

I pretty much fell in love the second I tried Youngblood’s liquid foundation. As my skin is fairly dry, I tend to prefer liquid foundations and look for options that provide extra hydration.

They say:
Youngblood’s Deep Sea Hydrating Complex in this Liquid Mineral Foundation quenches parched skin for healthy radiance. A special blend of rare reduced deep sea water, botanicals and more than 20 ocean minerals soothes and revitalises skin and creates a soft, silky, pore-free appearance that will wear for hours.”

The foundation glides on smoothly and smells incredible! The coverage is light to medium & fairly sheer. However, any redness is immediately diminished and my skin is left glowing and dewy. It hits my perfect trifecta: vegan, mineral, high quality.

There is just one drawback. By about lunchtime I felt that my foundation had just vanished. Melted off. All my patches of redness and/or dryness were visible. If I reapply, the effect is almost instant. In fact, the hydrating properties kick in immediately and my skin feels reenergised. I have also ‘topped’ up with a number of other powders which works well, just not as effective as another layer of foundation.

To be fair, this foundation doesn’t claim to have any real long lasting properties. I do not have the time, energy or inclination to spend that much time prepping and re-prepping my face during the work week. I do however love using this on the weekends if I have anything special during the day.

There are a huge variety of shades available and I would recommend this for anyone looking for a silky, mineral foundation that helps to hydrate and soothe skin with a sheer, dewy finish.

Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics Liquid Mineral Foundation $79.95