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I am a huge fan of Too Faced Cosmetics, a luxury, registered cruelty free brand with a ton of vegan products. I picked up a haul of Too Faced vegan cosmetics while in the USA earlier in the year and I really, really wanted to love their vegan-friendly Size Queen Mascara.

They say:

“Our gigantic, dual-helix brush, curl-setting formula work synergistically to create magnificent, multi-dimensional lashes instantly! The massive, corkscrew-shaped brush boasts both long, lengthening bristles and short, volumizing fibers that grab, coat and condition every single lash for a lavish, layered effect.”


The most frustrating thing about this mascara is the wand. There is just a thing as too big! The brush is huge! The bristles are spaced too far apart and it requires a lot of practise to master. Unfortunately, I do not like my makeup to require effort. After curling lashes, when applying the mascara the formula gets ALL OVER my eyelids. The bristles are just too large. And honestly, even after cleaning up the remnants of mascara over my eyelids and below my eye, my lashes just kinda look average.

I want big volume, long lashes and unfortunately the difficulty in yielding the mascara wand makes it almost impossible to deliver. It doesn’t ‘grab’ the bottom lashes or inner-lashes at all. Or, if it does, be prepared for a lot of mess and clean up! Or hours of practise.

On the plus side thou, when I layer this product over my Tarte mascara as a second coat of mascara, it works wonders. Lashes are thick, defined and ultra-long. I think it could be because the lashes are already coated and separated so the bristles on the brush don’t need to work very hard.

Looking for a basic every day mascara that delivers long lashes? Give this a miss. If you just want something to provide that extra-omph, consider Size Queen as your secondary, top-up mascara.

Too Faced Size Queen Mascara US $21 or $AU 31.95 from Kit Cosmetics