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My hair is long and naturally wavy with a tendency towards oiliness at the roots and dryness at the tips. I am always on the look out for a quality shampoo & conditioner that can improve the condition of my hair because there is nothing more luxurious than soft, healthy, glossy, thick hair.

Both products are super moisturising and leave my hair feeling soft and silky regardless of if I let it air dry or if I am using the hair dryer and GHD. Both products are enriched with kadau plum that not only smells amazing but maintains elastin so hair remains healthy an strong.

The Hydrate Me Wash makes my hair feel squeaky without feeling like every bit of moisture has been stripped from my strands. The rinse is thick in texture and provides my dry, damaged ends with nourishment without weighing down my hair. Both products smell incredible- ingredients include Kakadu plum, evening primrose oil, bergamot and shea butter.


UNFORTUNATELY I did not check my facts thoroughly before I purchased these as the Hydrate Me Rinse is NOT vegan. One of the ingredients listed is Whey Protein which is a derivative of milk. The Hydrate Me Wash however is vegan-friendly – this is just another reminder why it is so important to be familiar with animal-derived ingredients and to do your research!

Kevin Murphy is registered with PETA as a cruelty free cosmetics company.

Kevin Murphy Hydrate Me Wash $33
Kevin Murphy Hydrate Me Rinse $33