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Stella McCartney is an amazing woman. A lifelong vegetarian and outwardly spoken animal rights activist, her namesake luxury fashion label is the only one in an industry of many that eschews the use of leather and suede in their garment and accessory lines.

“I’m very proud of building a business without using animals. And, hopefully, changing people’s perception of how you can do luxury.”

Following on from her cult status fashion label, Stella McCartney entered the beauty industry in 2003 with the launch of Stella, followed by a string of further successful fragrances. In 2007 she also launched a 100% certified organic skincare line, CARE. But Stella McCartney fragrances are NOT cruelty free. All her fragrances are licensed by LLPD- L’oreal Luxury Product Division.

How could a woman so passionate about animal rights sign up to one of the worst corporate conglomerates for testing cosmetics on animals! Her philanthropy work and endeavors towards environmental sustainability are awe inspiring. It makes no sense.

From her website:

Your fragrances are made by L’Oreal – how are you able to work with a company that is known to test on animals?

“None of our products are ever tested on animals. We have been very clear on this issue even though it means that we are losing money by not entering the Chinese market with our perfumes. Every large fragrance/cosmetic company states that they only test on animals when it is required by law – however we have stated that that isn’t good enough for us, and we are willing to wait until the law catches up with science. There are plenty of in vitro tests available now that can replace outdated and cruel animal tests.”

Purchasing cruelty-free products while they are owned by corporations who do is always going to be a very personal decision. Do you use your consumer dollar to remind the cosmetic giants that yes, we want alternative methods to animal testing? Or do you use your consumer dollars to support those cosmetic labels refuse to take part in any animal testing policies that may conflict their values?

However, in May 2013, Stella McCartney stated that she would not be renewing her contract with L’Oreal when it expires in September. Hooray! Rumours floated around about Coty picking up the licenses but thankfully they never turned out to me true.

Sadly, on June 4 it was announced that she would be joining Procter & Gamble who currently hold licenses to the fragrances by Hugo boss and Dolce & Gabbana. They are also one of the biggest companies that test their products on animals. It is such a shame that Stella chose to go down yet another dubious path when there are several other luxury fragrance houses that support her ethics! When things like this happen, it seriously makes me question economics and humanity.

I am torn with my opinion on this. I admire Stella so much and applaud her efforts to stand up against L’oreal with her decision not to sell in the Chinese market. I would assume that she will stick with these values once her partnership with P&G begins. There must have been a reason for her switching licenses.  Perhaps she will start to demand change from the inside?

Make up your own mind on this one.