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lippygirlheaderLippy Girl Makeup was created with one thing in mind- luxurious cosmetics that are free from chemical preservatives and animal cruelty. Using natural and certified organic ingredients, Lippy Girl produces a range of incredible lipsticks and makeup products that are not only beautiful to use but kind to the environment.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and who you are?
I am a mother of two beautiful kids, a chemistry teacher and the owner of Lippy Girl Makeup.

What prompted you to start Lippy Girl?
I was pregnant with the second child, Olivia, I had completely changed the family diet and now was looking at my makeup bag. I just could not find the products I was looking for, so I started making

What is your favourite Lippy Girl product and why?
Schmoopy, it’s a color I made just for myself. I guess thats the
benefit of owning a Lipstick company, if you can’t find your perfect shade you can make it! I wear Schmoopy 90% of the time, it’s my everyday go to.

What is the most exciting thing that has happened with Lippy Girl so far?
This is a tie. The cover story by Lesa Hannah in August 2012 FASHION Magazine was pretty amazing, but equally cool was when makeup gurus at Pixiwoo reviewed Ski Bunny on their youtube channel. I love when non-vegan makeup mavens who are indifferent to the formulation being
organic and natural fall in love with my products just because they think they look fantastic.

What has been the hardest barriers that you have found with starting and running Lippy Girl?
There have been a ton of barriers. The main ones being dealing with our growth, financing the manufacturing and balancing my life (not sure if I succeeded in the balance quite yet but getting there!).

What is next for Lippy Girl?
We are moving into Europe with a fantastic new online shop called POM Ltd and so looking forward to that! But on the production side of things I have 2 fun shades of limited edition lipsticks to be launched in summer, and new lines of lip pencils and BB cream in the works!

Describe your skincare and makeup routines?
I am a really simple skin care gal. I like a good natural cleanser (right now I am using Osmosis but I have used 100% Pure or Kiss My Face in the past) followed by a light moisturizer. I spend a max of 5-10 minutes on my makeup and usually with kids clawing at my legs and tasting something from my makeup bag in the process. I like simple clean, and natural looks for the most part. A lot of days I wear nothing but lip balm or gloss.

What advice would you want to give to someone wanting to switch to a more natural skincare and cosmetic routine?
Start slow. I think sometimes people fail in their transition because they throw everything out and can’t find replacements they like and then end up just repurchasing the products they threw out. Watch natural beauty bloggers and get a feel for products and start replacing products as you need them.

What is your personal opinion about animal testing for cosmetics and also medicinal and/or research purposes?
Animal testing makes me cry. Literally cry. Especially for cosmetic purposes. Those animals suffer for no reason other than to lower liability insurance for some fat corporation somewhere. Its tragic.
Personally I wish animal testing was not performed at all. I am a scientist and I try to be respectful and open to others opinions about animal testing for medicine or research. Many scientists fall in love with their work, and they cannot understand why anyone would oppose them testing on animals because they see what they are doing as so important. I try to be sensitive to that while trying to get them to see why I am thoroughly against it. There are other models out there and my dream is one day scientists/doctors can pursue their life’s work without making animals suffer, in the meantime I am happy that the animal and cruelty free movement continues to make animal testing harder to perform and the requirements and guidelines more rigid.