leore 003Apologies for the hiatus but I have just spent the last month traveling around the USA and its taken me a little longer than I thought settling back into my normal life- I just want to be back on vacation!

While I find it easier to stick to a healthy, vegan diet here in Australia (must be the lack of a side of fries with every. single. meal. ), the affordability of cosmetics in the states make buying luxury vegan skincare and makeup so damn easy! I stocked up big time. Damn the inflated Australian retail market!

I discovered a bunch of amazing new beauty products that I cant wait to review in upcoming posts. I also stumbled across some disappointing facts about certain brands that claim to be vegan friendly but, upon researching and delving deeper into the companies operations, have been shocked to find less than cruelty-free practices in place.

I cannot wait to start blogging again and share these with everybody. As consumers with an abundance of choices available to us, it is within our power to support those who truly are striving to make the world a better place and don’t view animals as lesser beings whose sole purpose is for material gain.


Sarah Hannah