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When my pre-vegan primer ran out last month, I had a little freak out since I’d promised myself I wouldn’t be buying any more cosmetics until my trip to the USA next month but I needed primer. I believe in primer! I find that it really does help set your foundation and keep it lasting as long as possible. Being as low maintenance as I am, this is beyond important during my working week as I hate touching up continually throughout the day.

I purchased the OCC skin primer on a whim from Lipstick Republic after reading positive reviews from the vegan brand and I was keen to try it. I wish I had done a little bit more research into the product.

OCC’s skin primer isn’t like any other primer I have used. It is actually a fairly thick oil, not a lotion or cream like I am used too. My skin errs on the side of dryness so I generally like to have a hydrating property in anything I use on my face. The skin primer by OCC contains ingredients like Chamomile extract but it just isnt powerful enough for me.

Although it isn’t particularly hydrating, it actually doesn’t leave your skin feeling dry or tight which is a huge plus.  It takes a little getting used to but it does provide that barrier layer between your moisturiser and foundation fairly effectively, although the long-lasting properties I crave seem to be lacking.

I have been putting off writing this review because I wanted to test the best way to wear it. It has been about two weeks of using this primer and I am still not used to the oil and I still haven’t figured out the right amount to use- too little and my skin doesn’t feel prepped enough for foundation, too much and it just doesn’t sink in. The instructions mention using your fingers, a foundation brush or a sponge. Personally, I don’t like using sponges so never bothered but did try using both my fingers and a brush.

When using a brush (I used ELF cosmetics angled foundation brush) I found that it didn’t feel even on my face. Also, the oil made the brush a bitch to clean. I generally use my fingers when applying foundation but tried both fingers and brush and both had the same effect.  The best results came from applying the primer with my fingers.

I find the primer takes a lot longer than any lotion or cream primer to set into my skin, which is annoying because I would rather an extra 5 minutes of sleep rather than waiting around mid-make up routine. I also found it to be a little ‘sticky.’ This could be due to the fact that I am not in love with my currant pre-vegan foundation which feels heavy on my skin, but still. Sticky and longer setting time isn’t something I want in a primer.

I don’t think this is necessarily a bad product, it is just not for me. I don’t hate it and I will continue to use it but I will not be re-purchasing it. I am still keen to try other OCC products (all vegan! yay!) but if you are fussy with your primers, I would suggest giving this one a miss.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Skin Primer $25