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I have a slightly uneasy relationship with my hair care. I am very in tune with my skincare and I know what I want when it comes to my make up but I always feel a little out of the loop when it comes to knowing how to best look after my hair.

Texturally, my hair is slightly wavy, with dry ends and a tendency to get oily at the roots. It is naturally a little fluffy, a little kinky and likes to go frizzy at the top in humid weather. Joy. I struggle when it comes to styling my hair sometimes- I can never blow dry it as well as the hairdressers do it, I can’t seem to work out how to curl my hair properly (I will get two great ringlets and that’s it) and as much as I have tried to create Victoria’s Secret body and bounce… well, let’s just say hair styling is not a talent of mine.

I will wear my hair naturally wavy, perhaps with a bit of sea salt spray on the weekends which, as a friend pointed out while watching Pretty Woman on TV the other night, slightly resembles Julia Robert’s day-after hooker hair when freshly washed. A little too crazy during the working week, so I will blow dry and run a straightener through it so that it is smoother. (Although not dead straight because, like I mentioned before, I am challenged in the effective hair styling department)

I find that my strands get exhausted with the heat styling during the week so I’ve been on the lookout for a heavy duty vegan moisturising hair masque and I think I have found it with De Lorenzo’s Treatment Masque.

I have used De Lorenzo products before that I have been given through PR and have always enjoyed them. The Deep Cleansing Shampoo has been a staple of mine since before I turned vegan as it effectively removes any product build up and residue that has the tendency to make my hair sticky and greasy. As it strips away the hair’s natural oils (although gently and nowhere NEAR as much as the paraben laden, animal tested versions in your supermarket aisles), I find it to be the perfect shampoo to use as a base before any type of hair masque.

De Lorenzo’s Essential Treatment Equilibrium Masque contains chamomile, sea kelp, oat peptites and organic rosehip to deeply penetrate your strands, leaving them silky, soft and shiny. I love this product when used weekly to help restore moisture. It is recommended to apply, cover and leave for ten minutes before rinsing but I will often just comb it through the ends and clip on the top of my heed while I potter around the shower with the rest of my beauty routine on a Sunday night- face mask, shave legs, body scrub, foot scrub etc.

As I find my roots tend to get a little oiler than the rest of my hair, I don’t apply this masque on the top of my head, just mid-lengths to ends. Combing it through, I usually start about an inch down from the roots so the product is coating pretty much most of the strands.

I would definitely recommend this product to anyone whose hair is dry, brittle or damaged from constant heat exposure and is in need of a little nourishing pick me up for touchable softness.

De Lorenzo Equilibrium Treatment Masque $26