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Limecrime Makeup Candyfuture Lipstick Set

I bought some Lime Crime lipsticks about a year ago during a manic shopping binge before I turned vegan simply because the packaging is just so damn cute! Pink with silvery sparkly unicorns? Yes please! I only used them about once or twice and since I hadn’t fallen in love, they went into my make up box, buried underneath about a zillion other impulse bought make up items. I dug these out a few weeks ago and have tried giving them ago again. [Sidenote: Since becoming vegan, I obviously need to think about and research what I am purchasing. This cuts down impulse shopping like something amazing! Another reason to go vegan- less money wasted on crap you never wear.]

Ahh that packaging. That pretty, glossy magenta lipstick bullet. The metallic silver cursive font. That glittery, hologramed unicorn! It is girly on steroids.

Lime Crime Opaque Lipstick $15.99

candyfuturelipstick__03440_zoomI have two shades: Retrofuturist, a bright red and Great Planet Pink, a pigmented pink shade. The colours are incredible! Retrofuturist is a classic shade of red, with a bright glossy finish. There is a slight blue undertone to this, which is why it popped so beautifully against my cool porcelain skin but it might not suit those with a warmer or yellow undertone. Great Planet Pink is, well, pink. It is a pastel, bright pop of colour that for some reason I thought of wearing and bought other similar, shaded lipstick but this gives that perfect pale Barbie pink. Which doesn’t suit me at all. In fact, I feel like a drag queen. You need a strong personality to pull this off!

retrofuturist__34030_zoom retrofuturist2__03418_zoomThey are super moisturising and the colour is gorgeous freshly applied. However I find the colour fades easily. A common problem with red lipsticks is that they can ‘bleed’ easily, fading out past your lip line and staining your skin. So you look like a girl who has been awake for 3 days straight, consuming copius amounts of alcohol and various illegal substances, smoking two packets of cigarettes, pashing several boys and now it is daylight and she is stumbling around in her skimpy bodycon party dress that is now all dirty while carrying 10 inch heels in her hand. Lime Crime lipstick does this. Not only do they bleed, but they also sink into any dryness and fine lines, making the lips look all chapped and chunky. It is a lot of hassle and effort for a colour that while beautiful is not at all unique. There are better red lipsticks to try. Of course some of the paler shades might not be so bad and you could always exfoliate your lips first, apply a balm and constantly be prepared for touch ups. I need my make up to be easy and fuss free.

That being said, Lime Crime is a unique, 100% vegan and cruelty free brand with heavily pigmented and beautifully coloured products packaged like you would imagine a fairy on acid would be. While researching this post, I discovered there was this huge conspiracy surrounding Lime Crime’s founder, Doe Deere aka Queen Of The Unicorns about plagiarism and lies. (This post is a good starting point if you are interested.) Ethically, you may not find this brand right for you. Personally, Lime Crime still would have been on my vegan beauty wishlist because, like I said, fairies on acid. I am going to the USA next month and want to pick up the Suedeberry Velvetines which looks like a velvety strawberry red lipstick gloss hybrid.

Make up your own mind about the brand itself but as a product, Lime Crime Lipstick is simply just not that good.