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I remember when Lush first opened here in Australia. You could smell the store from around the mall corner- it would make my eyes water, my nose itch and I would have to stifle back hay fever sneezes. It was all bath bombs that you would buy for Christmas for that aunt you never saw, it was daggy and left a bad after thought on my 13 year old mind.

Over 15 years later I still hadn’t given the brand a second thought until I switched to a vegan lifestyle. It is hard to ignore Lush Cosmetics as a vegan- their company ethics mirror our own and they use their success to create real change globally.

I am aware that they now sell make up and that it each product is as easily labelled as the rest of their range as vegan suitable but I have yet to step into a store to try it. I have, however, been shopping up a storm on their website and have found a few favourites.

Vanilla Dee-Lite Body Lotion $29.95
452-Vanilla-Dee-LiteThe smell of this body lotion comes from vanilla (der!) but with hints of hibiscus, jasmine and kiwi fruit and it is divine! Chock full of coconut oil and shea butter, the lotions glides on smoothly and delivers soft, moisturised skin. My only gripe with this product is the fact that it takes a little while for it to fully sink into your skin so it is best used when you don’t have to get dressed in a hurry!

Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub $12.95
tumblr_mi6bjyACoN1raa9hfo1_500This is probably one of my best body scrubs that I have ever used. Sea salt granules gently exfoliates and buffs away dry skin without stripping any moisture. Bright blue and in one of Lush’s signature cute black pots, the scent is rejuvenating with a splash of lemon, jasmine and mimosa.

Ultrabalm $7.90
lushedited-lush-ultra-balmUltrabalm is NOT a lipbalm, but a petroleum-free multi-use lubricate. It is super moisturising, thanks to the candelilla wax and jojoba oil and acts as a protective barrier to the skin to lock away moisture. It can be used as a barrier cream when applying hair dye or fake tan and can be used to soothe scrapes and scuffs. I have been applying this to the heels of my feet before popping cotton socks on before bed and my feet have never been softer and less dry! The texture is waxy and rather greasy and the smell isn’t pleasant so I don’t know how it would work if you applied it close to the face but for the feet, it is a hard working product with no nasties so a total win!

A Million Kisses Lip Tint $9.95
a-million-kisses-lip-tint-grpThis tinted lip balm is gorgeous! The colour is beautiful and is quite pigmented at first but fades to a subtle red tint that really would suit any skin tone. It is moisturising, glides on smoothly and has a subtle rose scent that tastes surprisingly good too! However I find that the packaging isn’t ideal for movement- I threw the cute little tin in my clutch on a night out and it opened a little, staining everything that it touched in a red haze. It does this to the fingers as well and has a tendency to slip onto your teeth or outside the lip line if you aren’t careful. Lush- please release this in a tube!

R&B Hair Moisturiser $19.95
r_and_b-500x500Yes, this smells delicious thanks to tropical butters, coconut and orange blossom but I find this hair treatment a little difficult. I think this is partly my fault as I was after a deep conditioning masque and not a leave in conditioner, which is essentially what this is. The scent lingers around until the next wash (yay!) and my hair was left feeling very moisturised and less frizzy however I found it to be hard to apply, hard to rinse out and my strands went greasy fairly quickly.

I am not a fan of bar-type soaps, preferring the texture and convenience of a body wash or shower gel and I still have an fear of smelly bath bombs but my opinion of Lush has completely changed. The next items on my Lush shopping list?
None Of Your Beeswax
Charity Pot
The Olive Branch
Catastrophe Cosmetic

Anyone want to buy me a present??