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I go through phases when it comes to hair colour and I have been every colour under the sun- from blonde to ombre to red to black with spurts of brightly coloured pinks, purples and blues either at the ends or streaked through. However, it is a rich chocolate brown that suits me best and I have stayed within various shades of this colour for the past few years.

Depending on my finances and whatever colour I am maintaining, I switch from dying my hair at home or having it professionally coloured at the salon. Currently, I have been using at-home packet dye and the only vegan friendly brand I have been able to find is Tints Of Nature.

Tints Of Nature is a cruelty free brand and in Australia, accredited with Choose Cruelty Free. Their products are free from all animal derivatives, parabens, ammonia and contains several certified organic ingredients. I chose 3N Dark Brown which is a permanent shade but they also offer semi-permanents and highlighting/lightening kits too in a variety of shades.


The application was a little messy due to the liquid formula and I found it very runny in comparison to other crème and mousse formulas I usually use. A small price to pay to know that I am using a truly vegan and cruelty free product! The smell is hard to describe- again, very different from the other DIY chemical dyes and while it isn’t exactly pleasant, it’s not entirely unbearable either. The packaging is not sexy or sleek and the models are a little daggy and lack the glamorous va-voom of certain other brands but again, does it matter? Once finished the cardboard box can be easily popped into the recycling bin.

The packet contains an after colouring conditioner which left my hair glossy, silky and shiny and helped my blow dry last 5 days before I needed to re-wash. After the first wash, not much colour came out which is always a good thing! The packet also provides a satchel of build-up removing shampoo to help prep your hair which would be my only real complaint as I hate the hassle of having to pre-wash hair before application as I find this just makes the entire process more cumbersome.

One week after colouring and two shampoos later, my hair is still a glossy, rich, dark chocolate brown. I would highly recommend this product to anyone wanting a cruelty free or vegan at-home hair dye product in natural shades.

Tints Of Nature Permanent Hair Colour $22