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tannnI used to be obsessed with tanning. I would sun bake at the beach slathered in coconut oil and/or I would layer upon layer of fake tan. Now, 10 years later, I am happy with my porcelain skin. I actually like being pale. However when it comes to my legs, I am less peaches & cream, more translucent that can glow in the dark. I like a little bit of a light glow to them. I love my gradual tanning moisturisers.

My current favourite was Palmers Cocoa Butter Broze Sunless Tanner & Instant Bronze. However I am unsure of their cruelty-free status and they don’t seem to want to answer my questions about their ingredients. So I have stopped using it and started trying other, more vegan-friendly options.

Triliogy has a product called Instant Bronze Gel which I snapped up in a manic shopping spree in Priceline. The smell and texture were ok but the colour was very dark and it was shimmery. I don’t want my legs to sparkle! Shimmery tan is one of my beauty pet hates. I always remember being 13 and my friends and I would slather some sort of glittery body lotion over our bodies and under certain disco lights it would look like we had hairy, wet chests. Not pretty.

I also grabbed Sukin’s Sunless Bronzing Gel.  I have to admit, I was shocked when I hated this product. Every other Sukin product I have tried has become an instant favourite. This not only smelt funny, but the gel was messy, greasy and hard to apply. There was no golden glow and overnight it had barely developed into any colour at all. And sparkles!

I had seen Eco Tan’s fake tan before and contemplated purchasing it before I realised how much I hated applying self tan. So I was very happy when I discovered their gradual tan version, Eco Tan Organic Winter Skin.

For those who aren’t aware, Eco Tan is one of those amazing vegan-friendly, socially conscious brands that release quality products to rival their not-so-eco-friendly competitors.

Eco Tan’s Winter Skin moisturiser is super hydrating and has a faint floral scent. That all-too-familiar fake tan smell IS present and unfortunately seems to linger around. The lotion sinks in beautifully, however I wish it had a bit of an ‘instant bronzer’ built in as my application developed patchy around my ankles. Two layers left my pale legs with a beautiful, soft honeyed glow.

I am keen to try Mecca’s Body Wonder Tinted Moisturiser and see how it holds up against Eco Tan, however I am waiting to hear back from them about the sources of their ingredients.

I am very happy with Eco Tan’s Winter Skin and I will need to keep practicing with my application as that is the only thing letting the product down. Eco Tan- please consider including a version with an instant bronzer for those like me who struggling with applying fake tan evenly!