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David Babaii is a cruelty-free hair care brand that maintains the philosophy that natural ingredients combined with scientific advances give the best results which I agree with! David Babaii is actually a hair stylist whose clients include Kate Hudson, Angelina Jolie and Christina Aguilera and there are an assortment of vegan-friendly products in his range.

Styling powder itself is still a bit of a niche product in the world of hair care, although I cannot figure out why. They are designed to create instant volume, texture and absorb excess oils.

This particular powder is pretty damn amazing. I use it for some extra volume on dry hair- I just sprinkle the powder on my hands, run them through my roots and rub/scrunch my hair at the top of the crown and voila! Instant lift! The fullness lasts for most of the day, with a small touch up needed in the afternoon. It also eliminates any oily, greasiness that may be hanging around your scalp in between shampoos.

The powder is white, so you need to ensure the product is really rubbed in to avoid that grey powder look. I find the product gives you’re a hair a quite gritty or dusty feeling, which I think it why it works so well to add texture and volume. Because of this extra grit, it doesn’t leave you with super silky strands that you want to lovingly run your fingers through. But that’s ok, there are other products for that!

I also find it helps give your hair that sexy bed head texture and body. My own hair has a bit of a natural wave to it which I find this powder helps define but I have a feeling it would work wonders on super straight, limp hair too.

Cheap and available at most big chemist and health food chains including Priceline and online through their website. A must addition if you love full, big, sexy hair!

David Babaii Instant Miracle Volumising Powder $19.95