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I have been a vegetarian for a longer time than I have been an omnivore. I have been aware of the cruelty involved in the production of beef, in the slaughter, in the pain and suffering that these creatures felt just so we could eat a hamburger. But I never, ever thought of the cows being harmed when it came to dairy. Maybe because I always drank soy milk but it never occurred to me. Maybe because an animal hadn’t died. Except animals had died.

Just like humans, a cow will only produce milk after giving birth, to nourish her baby. The dairy industry is worth billions. It is an industry, after all. Dairy cows are constantly pregnant, artificially inseminated to give birth so they can produce milk around the clock. They are pumped full of antibiotics and high protein supplements and are milked constantly and quickly so that the cows are in pain, developing mastitis and going lame. The industry has no use for the calves.

The bobby calves are removed from their mothers at around 2 days old. The bond that mother and child have developed is intense and they will both call out to each other, in agony, for days after the baby has been removed. The females are sold into the dairy industry and the males are sent for slaughter, their corpses potentially becoming veal, offal, pet food or ground into the gelatine that is made into candy for children.

On the way to their slaughter house, the bobby calves are frightened, starving and dehydrated and cramped into a tiny pen. Bones are broken. There are laws regarding the conditions of slaughterhouses and the treatment of animals but these laws are broken. Calves are prodded, smacked, thrown, stepped on, punched and electrocuted before they are sent to die.

dairy1That milk that this industry produces? It is used by scientists, pharmacist, beauty technicians to form an ingredient that soothes and calms skin. This ingredient is used in your lotions, your moisturisers and shampoos. This ingredient is a part of the dairy industry and it is common. And a little tricky.

Milk Proteins, Whey, Casesin or Caseinates such as Calcium Caseinate, Potassium Caseinate and Sodium Caseinate are all made from dairy cows milk. Because of its soothing properties, it is a common ingredient in moisturisers, masques, creams and body lotions as well as shampoo and conditioners. It can be found in foundations, concealers and primers too. Alternatives include coconut milk, soy milk and various plant milks such as aloe vera.

Avoid milk products in your skin care. The cruelty is unnecessary.