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lindseyIf I was stranded on a desert island and I could only one beauty product with me , without a doubt it would be lip balm. Soft, kissable lips. I keep one on my bedside table, one by the couch, one in my car, two at my desk at work, three in my work bag, three in my weekend bag… ok maybe a slight exaggeration but you get the point. Also, maybe not so slight.

When switching to a vegan lifestyle, I realised that all my lip balms contained beeswax. Some contained honey. And then I researched all about vegans and honeybees and found out about lanolin and I knew that I needed to go on a search. This is what I have found so far…

Sukin Nourishing Lip Treatment:
Ok, I may be in love. This product glides on the lips so smoothly, leaving them feeling intensely moisturised with a faint hint of a sheen. And that silky soft feeling of freshly-applied balm lasts for ages and when it does eventually all sink in, your lips aren’t left feeling dried out and thirsty for more. It isn’t even scented. Love. My only complaint would be the packing- I have never been a fan of the se sorts of tubes with the applicator tip. Am I meant to spread it directly to my lips? Am I meant to dot it on my fingertip and then use my fingers to apply to my lips? In the grand scheme of things, a small price to pay.

Aesop Rosehip Seed Lip Cream
Aesop-Rosehip-Seed-Lip-CreamThis lip treatment is divine. It is more like a lightweight lotion than a balm but it still leaves skin feeling intensely moisturised and conditioned. The cream glides onto the lips and is really soothing- you only need to apply a small amount and lightly rub it in and any dry or flakey bits are gone. I wish the moisturising lasted longer however your lips aren’t left feeling dry at all. Perfect to smooth out any small lines before applying a bright lip.

Hurraw Lip Balm
hurrawbalm_blackcherry_standEveryone raves about these so they were my first purchase and it really isn’t hard to see why. Hurraw Lip Balms are organic, free trade and vegan friendly and there are a dozen or so delicious flavours and scents to choose from. Plus, they are cute to look at, sized to fit comfortably in your pocket and super cheap! I snapped up the Vanilla Bean and Grapefruit ones which smell as amazing as they sound and the Black Cherry which actually gives a gorgeous deep red sheer tint.

However if I ignore all that hype, the product itself doesn’t shot too loudly at me. Yes, it smells yummy and feels amazing to apply but the moisturised feeling doesn’t last very long and I find it very drying- depending how dry my lips are, I find that it often just felt like it made them worse. Because I love the tint that Black Cherry gives me, I may consider re-purchasing and just remembering to re-apply more often but I doubt I will be back for any other flavours.

Natio Shea Butter Lip Balm
2329-90918_SHEABUTTER_01_330x430I have never been a big fan of Natio products but this lip balm is incredible! It is soothing, hydrating and leaves a gorgeous, subtle sheen. It has no fragrance and contains shea butter, aloe vera and a synthetic wax which is what I am assuming makes this feel a whole lot like a lip smacker.  Moisturising and doesn’t leave your lips dry. Winner.

Botani Healing Lip Balm
10g-Healing-Lip-Balm_OpenedI picked this up on an impulse at Priceline after the cute tin packaging caught my eye and I started scanning the ingredients-jojoba oil, almond and macadami oil along with olive extracts such as olive butter and olive wax. The smell is waxy and faintly like sweet olives- imagine the ones baked into olive bread, not the olive oil you use to cook your stir fry. The balm is pretty good too- it is hydrating, sinks in quickly. There is no shine on the lips but all dry patches are deeply hydrated. Like most balms housed in tins, it is easiest to use when slightly warm and will probably be hard to apply when the Melbourne winter hits but it is a definite favourite.

Crazy Rumors Pink Grapefruit Juice
pink_grapefruit_juice_large_1I am sadly disappointed in this as it is another brand that seems to be hyped up on the internet. Yes, it smells yummy and actually tastes pretty good too but I find that it dries my lips out and makes them feeling flaky and gritty. Super cheap and heaps of flavours but not as fun as the Hurraw balms. I guess it is a good random balm to have if you are an insane lip balm-addict like me and like to have an average balm lying around for emergencies but otherwise I would give it a miss, look under the couch for spare change and buy the Natio balm instead.

Surya Brasil Lip Balm Acai Berry
Surya Brasil Lip Balm - Acai BerryAgain, not another favourite. Similar to Crazy Rumors, it glides on smoothly but really does nothing once the balm sinks in. My lips feel thirsty and honestly, a little ‘waxy’. When my lips are feeling soft and moisturised, it feels nice on and helps keep the moisture locked away but any dryness only feels intensified. Give it a miss unless you are desperate.

Have I missed any of your favourite lip balms? I am heading off to the USA in two months and as yet have no lip balm products on my wish list so any recommendations are appreciated!