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Dermalogica has been a favourite brand of mine for a long time. Their skin care seems to work magic on me and I will generally only get facials by beauty therapists using their products because I know I will get value for my money and amazingly clear skin.

Dermalogica has been a long standing supporter of using alternative methods for testing that doesn’t involve hurting animals. They are proof that animal testing does not lead to a superior product.

With the Chinese government’s recent passing of a law requiring all cosmetics that are sold in China to be tested on animals, Dermalogica lost their cruelty-free status.

There are various articles all over the internet, however the official press release released by Dermalogica’s CEO Dan Ginsberg states:

“Dermalogica does not, and has never, engaged in animal testing.  We go to great efforts to ensure that our supply chain and ingredient suppliers uphold our values. We have recently become aware that the Chinese government now requires animal testing of cosmetic products as part of their product import registration process.  Dermalogica does not condone animal testing, and is in the process of actively withdrawing our product registrations and undertaking the necessary actions to suspend our distribution to the Chinese market.  We urge the Chinese government to consider non-animal, humane forms of safety testing.

Please note this does not include Hong Kong, as they are governed by different legislation.”

Since releasing this statement in September 2012, Dermalogica has honoured their word and have stopped selling to the Chinese market. They regained their cruelty free accreditation from a number of organisations including PETA and The Leaping Bunny as well as a number of Anti-Vivisection groups.

Dermalogica has also announced the following statement on their facebook site responding to a number of consumer concerns:

“We are no longer shipping product to our distributors in China. Product may remain in the market for two reasons, however. The first is that the local distributors will, no doubt, sell through their existing inventory. The second is that product is often diverted into China. In fact, this was occurring even when we had distributors, so it is likely to continue, and perhaps even increase as we exit the market, given that we will not be there to police it.”

Dermalogica needs to be applauded for pulling out of the Chinese market and upholding their values and ethics over creating a profit. They are a company we all need to get behind.

I recently emailed Dermalogica Australia to ask about their use of animal by-products and this is what they replied with:

“Dermalogica does not test on animals! This is inclusive of our finished products, ingredients, by our company or any third party.

As a company, we at Dermalogica aim to use ingredients of the highest quality and from the safest most ecological sources.  We aim to combine the best natural ingredients from nature’s pharmacy (plant and vegetable derived) as well as the latest ingredient technology (synthetically manufactured) with our focus always being respecting the health of the skin. 

There are a few of our products that use ingredients that our vegan customers would consider an animal by product, such as honey, silk amino acids and bees wax.  Below is a list of the products that contain these:

Essential Cleansing Solution
Super Rich Repair Massage Cream (professional product)

Gentle Soothing Booster

Body Microfoliant (professional product)
Power Recovery pack (professional product)

Silk Amino Acids
Active Moist

Sodium DNA
Daily Defence spf15
Pure Light spf30
Super Sensitive Shield sfp30
Ultra Sensitive Tint spf30

Glucosamine HCL
AGE Reversal Eye Complex
Antioxidant Hydramist
Dynamic Skin Recovery spf30
Extreme C
MAP-15 Regenerator
Power Rich
Super Rich Repair
AGE smart Complex (professional product)

Hydrolysed Pearl
Cover Tint spf20
Sheer Tint spf20
Skinperfect Primer spf30

Therefore when looking for vegan friendly products, everything outside of the products listed above would suit you best.”

I am beyond excited that my favourite products aren’t on this list- the Multivitaman Power Recovery masque, the Skin Hydrating Booster and their Daily Microfoliant.

I am also excited that such an amazing brand exists. Imagine if the cosmetic giants like L’Oreal and Estee Lauder upheld such ethics and valued their beliefs and their respect and trust in their customers. We need to support the Dermalogica’s of the world and speak up with our cosumer dollars and the rest of the beauty industry will follow.