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Being a lady used to hold certain mystique and there were plenty of codes to follow if you were to maintain a dignified aura in polite society. However, with the ‘I forgot to wear underwear’ flashing celebrities of today, the war paint on the faces of 4 year old pageant princesses and the horrific social acceptability of walking home drunk at 4am on a weeknight in bare feet with your heels in your hands, the art of being a lady is a little lost.

Which brings me to the question: is it ok to apply makeup in public?

Back in the day, powder rooms existed for the women to excuse themselves from their company to freshen up their faces. But honestly, who has time anymore? Who hasn’t put mascara on in the car when the lights have turned red or applied gloss sans mirror before stepping off the bus? There is the obvious- don’t retouch your makeup during a meeting or get out your mineral powder and start buffing over your lunch but what about at your desk? In your car? Topping up your lipstick in the window of the restaurant before you step inside to meet your date?

Everyone knows you are wearing makeup. Men no longer think our lips are constantly berry-stained and our hair looks like this when we first wake up. Children watch as their mothers curl their lashes in the bathroom mirror and dab their wrists with perfume- it is no longer purely just secret women’s business. Not that this takes away the allure and glamour for either party, but they know we are doing it. They might not know how or what tools or exactly how much Dermalogica cleansers are, but they know.

Do you think it is tacky to apply makeup in public? Does it make a difference if your mirrored compact is Chanel and your lippy is encased in a tube of luxury branding?